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Frequently asked questions

What regions does Pipeline service?

We service the greater Wellington region, from the Wairarapa, Wellington Central and suburbs, the Hutt Valley, and the Kapiti area.

What quality of service can I expect?

You can expect the best service possible from our prompt and professional tradesmen. We will communicate with you, respect your home and property, and we will go to all lengths to deliver what we have promised

What makes Pipeline different from other providers?

Here at Pipeline we are a family owned business and have a tight knit staff who all work towards giving you the best service possible. Our office staff will work with you from the quoting stage through to the completion of the work. It also means that you will be dealing with the same staff members from the start to the finish of your job.

As well, we have wide experience in installing central heating and have qualified plumbers and gasfitters on our team so you only need deal with one provider!

Are your staff licenced tradesmen with the Plumbers Gasfitters and Drain Layers Board?

Yes, all of our tradesmen are licenced.

How does central heating work?

The heat source, usually a gas fired boiler, often situated in the garage or laundry, heats the water. The heat distribution system used by central heating is either a network of looped pipes under the floor of the house, or a system of pipes underfloor or in the walls, connecting to wall-mounted radiators. The heat source pumps the heated water through the heat distribution system, releasing the heat gently into the home.

What are the benefits of radiator central heating?

1 there are no draughts, hot and cold spots or noisy fans to contend with because there is no forced air movement.

2 the heat is passive and unobtrusive. It warms objects and fabric within the room.

3 They are superbly efficient. No water is actually consumed, and once the water is up to temperature the boiler modulates or switches off - while heat continues to be emitted from the pipes or radiators.

4 The control system includes a programmable timer so you can set the running times to suit your lifestyle.

How long will it take to install a central heating system?

It's based on the size and style of your radiator central heating design. We look at being in your home between 2-5 days.

What central heating radiator brands do you offer?

Among other brands, Pipeline markets the world-renowned DeLonghi radiator range, which have a very low water content for faster heating and cooling times. This makes them ideally suited to New Zealand's changeable weather conditions and our busy lifestyles.

Why would I choose underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is the one of the most luxurious form of heating. Its radiant heat is evenly distributed throughout the room—wall to wall, floor to ceiling—right where you feel it the most. It means you can roam around the house with bare feet in winter and keep toasty warm, and the kids keep warm playing on wooden or tiled floors.

How does the underfloor central heating work?

The heat from the underfloor system can be produced by air-to-water and geothermal heat pumps or by boilers fuelled by gas, diesel or wood.

This, coupled with economical running costs compared to other electric radiant systems, means that hydronic (water) underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular with discerning kiwi homeowners and house builders

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, all of our quotes are free. Please call or e-mail our office to arrange a time for one of our senior tradesman to visit your home to provide a quote.

How long does the quoting process take?

Our office staff will book you into the first available appointment; once we have visited your home we will provide you a written quote within 5 working days.

If I accept your quote, what is the wait period for the works to begin?

Our office staff will book your job for the first available date, dependant on materials being available. With central heating quotes, we work on an approximate 3 week turnaround from the date the quote is accepted to the date the work starts.

If I accept your quote do I need to pay a deposit?

We only ask for a deposit when we are installing a Radiator Central Heating System; we ask for a 30% deposit when our terms of trade contract is signed to cover the cost of the materials for your system to be sent from Christchurch.

I have an existing radiator central heating system, will you service it?

Yes, we service the majority of radiator central heating systems; please contact our office to arrange a time to visit your home.

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