Interested in a Radiator Central heating system but the costs seem a little out of your reach at the moment?

We have teamed up with Gilrose Finance and how offer clients finance to help purchase a system.

With finance up to 48 months its a great way to be able to experience Radiator Heating.

With an average response time of 15 minutes once the application form has been sent, there is no waiting around and your install date can be booked.

*Terms and conditions to apply

Some Gilrose FAQ's

Question: What are your fees and rates?

Answer: Interest rates are tailored to suit each individual application, depending on several key criteria including the amount and purpose of the loan. Typically, interest rates will vary between 12.5% and 24.75%

Question: Are there any fees or penalties if I repay my loan early?

Answer: Unlike almost all other finance companies, Gilrose Finance does not charge an early repayment fee. You can repay your debt in full at any time and will not be penalised.

Question: How are your loans assessed?

Answer: When assessing a loan, we look at 'the big picture'. This means that we take into account every piece of information that we ask for on the application form, your payment history with Gilrose Finance (if applicable) and your credit check. This helps us to tailor a loan to meet your needs.

Question: What is your lending criteria?

Answer: As long as you're 18 or over and a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, anyone can apply for a loan with Gilrose Finance, even if you have bad credit (see FAQ: 'What if I have bad credit?').

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