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We have a working system for you to experience

Unsure of how the heat from a Radiator system feels?
Pipeline have a working system in the Wellington region, we can explain to you what the heat feels like but there is nothing better than experiencing it for yourself.

Contact us to arrange a time to visit our office to experience the heat for yourself.

Being the experts.......

Means that we get to work on some great projects in the Wellington area.

This is one of two projects that we were involved with that has been entered into the 2018 Wellington House of the year competition.

This wonderful home has radiator heating through out.

Check out the link to the right to see this wonderful house and of course our wonderful radiators. 

How does central heating work?

The heat source, usually a gas fired boiler, often situated in the garage or laundry, heats the water. The heat distribution system used by central heating is either a network of looped pipes under the floor of the house, or a system of pipes underfloor or in the walls, connecting to wall-mounted radiators.

The heat source pumps the heated water through the heat distribution system, releasing the heat gently into the home

Benefits of central heating

Because there is no forced air movement, there are no draughts, hot and cold spots or noisy fans to contend with.

The heat is passive and unobtrusive. It warms objects and fabric within the room.The process is superbly efficient. No water is actually consumed, and once the water is up to temperature the boiler modulates or switches off - while heat continues to be emitted from the pipes or radiators

The control system includes a programmable timer so you can set the running times to suit your lifestyl

Central Heating options

We can provide a quote for central heating installation in a new home or an existing home. If your home is a new build we can provide you a quote directly off your plans. If you are retro-fitting your home, we will visit your home to provide you a free quote.

What controls the temp?

The system is controlled by a thermostat controller that sits in an area of your home. You set the temperature at one you feel comfortable with and what times you want your home to be at that temperature and it does everything for you automatically.

No more rushing home to turn on heaters again!

The 5 Percenters

According to a recent study completed here in New Zealand there are only 5% of New Zealanders who have Central Heating in their home.

Back in the 70s and 80s, us Kiwi's were brought up by our parents snuggled around the fireplace covered with blankets with our books or watching TV.

Bedtime came and so did our woolen jerseys and our thick socks not to mention mountains of blankets to keep us warm all night in our ice boxes for bedrooms that were so cold you could see your own breath.

Now nearly 50 years later 95 percent of Kiwis are still living like this, with some of the highest rates of Asthma the world our homes are some of the coldest in the world.

Technology has come so far in the last 50 years but when it comes to heating New Zealand hasn't progressed far.

Here at Pipeline we have a real passion for Radiator Heating and are striving to change the kiwi mindset when it comes to heating our homes and keeping our families warm.

Radiators VS Heatpumps

Why choose radiators over heatpumps?

Radiators are extremly effective at heating your whole home to the desired temperature. Heatpumps only heat 1-2 rooms and leave cold spots in your home. The air flow is also different, with Radiators the warm air is radiated into your home, while heat pumps force the warm air into your home.

Radiators are a more costly investment than heatpumps, but they are a far more superior way to heat your whole home.

Is your home up to standard?

The World Health Organisation recommends the following minimum indoor temperatures, which are also supported by the Ministry of Health.

  • A minimum of 18 ˚C, or a minimum of 20 ˚C for more vulnerable groups like children, the elderly and people who are ill.
  • A minimum of 16 ˚C in your bedroom overnight.
These recommended temperatures apply to all rooms, while you are using them.

The majority of homes in New Zealand do no meet these standards, our country preforms badly on these guidelines, one of the reasons why we have such a high rate of Asthma in our country.

A radiator heating system in your home will make sure that your home is a healthy one for everyone who lives in it.

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