Our controllers are the set and forget part of your system.

You programme them to turn your system on and off during the day at the times you want the heating to be on.

Heatmiser Neo Stat

The neoStat can be used as a standalone timer and thermostat or as part of a mesh network for multiple zone control.

The neoStat communicates to the neoHub and other neoStats within your home, to create a fully controllable network system of your home heating.

The neoStat can be configured to work as a thermostat or as a timer- so if you want to take control of your towel rails, or lighting - Neo offers you this and more!

Heatmiser Smart Stat

Heatmiser SmartStat is a WiFi Connected Thermostat.

This unique controller can be used via a smart phone app so that you can control your heating system from anywhere in the world.It has been designed for wired systems, so there are no concerns over replacing batteries.

 WiFi Connected Thermostat
3A Switching
Remote Sensor Connection (Remote probe optional)
No Port Forwarding or Fixed IP Address Required
Colour LCD
Up to 32 SmartStat can be controlled in one locatation
Geo Location Facility

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