Are you in a rural area?

Then diesel boilers are the thing for you.

Diesel is not as old fashioned as it sounds. In fact, diesel boilers are the mainstay of central heating in many countries without natural gas like Ireland.

Firebird Enviornmax

The firebird Enviromax is New Zealands most commonly installed diesel central heating boiler.

Over 4000 of these boilers have been installed into homes in New Zealand.

- Includes expansion vessel, pressure gauge, relief valve, pump, pump run on, low pressure switch

- Suitable for central heating and indirect DHW production

- Multidirectional flue options

Fuel Tanks

Forget about corrosion problems with these awesome aluminium fuel tanks. Installers love them as they are very light and easy to manoeuvre into position. 

Certified construction.

Fuel Tank Bund

Fully enclosed bund for fuel tanks. Meets all New Zealand Council requirements.

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