A boiler that can do both your heating and hot water

Baxi has a range of boilers that are able to heat your hot water as well as your heating.

These boilers are capable to running 2 hot water outlets at a time and are much more efficient that having a separate heating boiler and an infinity water heater. 

All of our systems have the capability to heat your domestic hot water as well as heating. Depending on the installation, this involves heating indirectly though a hot water cylinder or installing a gas combi boiler 

Baxi Luna Duo-tec 40 GA Combi Boiler 31kW

The Baxi Duo-tec GA (gas adaptive valve) Condensing Combi Boiler is a revolutionary product. The gas adaptive valve makes flue gas analysis obsolete. 

- Combi hot water flow-rate 22.9L per min @ 25°C rise 16.4L per min @ 35°C rise

- Stainless Steel heat exchanger

- 1:7 gas valve modulation ratio

- Market-leading 5 year warranty

- 760x450x345mm


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Baxi Nuvola3 320Fi Storage Combi 31kW

The Baxi Nuvola3 is the ultimate wall hung boiler for heating and large capacity domestic hot water production from one unit. The integral 60L stainless steel cylinder enables it to fill a bath and then 10 minutes later fill another one.

- High sanitary water performance: up to 490L at very high flow rate and then 18L per min @ 25°C rise

-Market-leading 5 year warranty

- 950x600x466mm

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Hot Water Cylinders

There's nothing better than a mains pressure hot water cylinder when
high volume delivery is a priority.

The combination of a central heating boiler with a hot water cylinder is
the best domestic hot water system you can have.  The traditional
problem with hot water cylinders is that they can run out of hot water
if demand is high.  When combined with the heating power of the Baxi
boilers the reheat rate is so fast that this problem rarely, if ever,

Baxi hot water cylinders are designed to integrate into our central
heating systems, with built in boiler controls and specifically designed
heat transfer coils.  200 and 300 litre options will provide enough hot
water even for the largest homes.

A twin coil option is also available for adding another heat source such
as a wetback or solar.

Made from stainless steel with high grade insulation Baxi hot water
cylinders are an efficient and robust way to store your hot water, and
as far as hot water cylinders go, they dont look too bad either! 

Baxi HWC 200L Indirect Single Coil Kit

- 50mm insulation

- Built-in control stat for boiler or heat pump

- Includes TPR Kit and Electric Element 3kW

- Height: 1474mm

- Diameter: 552mm

Baxi HWC 300L Indirect Single Coil Kit

- 50mm insulation

- Built-in control stat for boiler or heat pump

- Includes TPR Kit and Electric Element 3kW

- Height: 2040mm

- Diameter: 552mm


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