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Who are we?

Husband and Wife team Carl Sirs and Julie Strong have a passion for Radiator Central Heating.

Carl and Julie believe that Radiator Central Heating is by far the most superior way to heat your home. It took Carl a good year to convince Julie to install these in their home (after he had been installing them while he worked for another company) she finally gave in and hasn't looked back, their son had Asthma issues before the installation of the Radiator system into their home, and that disappeared and the family have very little issues with the winter coughs and colds.

Julie fell in love with Radiator heating so much that they moved house in the middle of winter and Julie refused to move in until Carl installed a system into their new home. So if you are having doubts Julie understands where you are coming from.

Our staff consists of trained tradesman, who all have a passion for heating and they get great pleasure once their installation is complete,  our boys take on work that others in our industry are too inexperienced to touch.

We take pride in our workmanship and in providing our clients with the best service possible. Most of our referrals are word of mouth from satisfied clients, so we know we are doing something right!

We value our customers and deliver good old fashioned service with up to date technology and materials and we service the Wellington, Kapiti and Wairarapa regions.

We believe in hard work and great communication to deliver the best customer experience on offer.


Julie - Manager

Julie is the manager and looks after the day to day running of the business.

Born in Southland she knows how it feels to be cold and she LOVES her radiator heating!

She's in charge of the upstairs downstairs office wars over the heating controller. 

"While radiator heating gets more popular in NZ, you need a team who has the experience and who you can trust, our team has worked hard to become not only the biggest and most experienced installation company in Wellington we are also one of the biggest in New Zealand"


Carl - Quoting guy

Carl is our wealth of experience and knowledge.

He knows radiators inside and out and he can give you the perfect design and package for your home. 

If you request a quote with Pipeline, Carl will be the person who visits your home.

"I fell in love with radiator heating, New Zealand is behind the times when it comes to heating our homes, I love to share my passion for warm water heating with our clients" 


Matt - Quoting guy

Matt looks after our quotes also.

While he doesn't visit clients in their home he looks after all of our new build quotes and meets with clients in our showroom to discuss and show them their options.

New to the team this year and a photo will be added in April once the team have their new 2019 photos done. 

Mel - Project Manager

Mel looks after all of our installations.

She prepares our client contracts and makes sure that everything runs smoothly for our clients.

Her experience is second to none and when you need us its her job to make sure we are there.

"We have a real sense of pride once our client walk away warm, happy and satisfied with our service"

Jessica - Receptionist

Jess will be your first point of call when you contact Pipeline. 

She arranges all of our quote and servicing appointments and is able to answer any queries our clients may have.

Jess is the newest member of the Pipeline team and has quickly become a valuable member of the team.

Winston - Office security

Winston is our 75kg Great Dane.

He makes sure that while we are all busy he makes sure our office is well looked after

All food with be tested without exception.

"I might bark when you come to visit, but fear not, I am a giant softie who loves a cuddle!" 


Andy - Lead Installer

After a stint on his OE in the UK installing hydronic heating we are lucky enough to have Andy as part of our team!

There is no better place to learn Radiator heating than the UK itself.

A great guy to have on board! 

Zac - Lead Installer

Zac has been installing these systems for nearly 4 years and taken to it like a pro.

Zac looks after one of our installation teams don't let his age fool you he knows his stuff for someone on the younger side of things. 

He is a great asset to our team.

Casey - Installer

Casey is one of the team members on our install teams

He has gained awesome knowledge of our systems and can put pipes together like no mans business. 

Kam - Installer

Kam is part of our installation team.

He has quickly taken to the world of hydronic heating and is great at what he does!

An awesome team member and a great guy! 

Photo to come

Chris - Installer

New to the team in 2019 but not new to the world of radiator central heating.

Another ex British Gas working who knows his stuff!

New to the team this year and a photo will be added in April once the team have their new 2019 photos done. 

Gaven - Service Technician

Gaven is our service technician, with over 20 years experience in the UK there is nothing that Gaven can't fix.

Gaven is great at his role and is a great guy to have in our team, he delivers all of our clients great British customer service!

"Pipeline strives to continue to be Wellington's Radiator Central Heating experts, we value our clients and it's our job to make sure that our clients are at ease with the full process from their first enquiry right through to the end of the installation. We understand that the investment in Radiator Central Heating is a big one to make, and it's our job to make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible"

Julie Strong- Manager

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